Seafoam: Wavefollower

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Seafoam had no business being there. He knew he was breaking sperm whale rules. But as a path-finding navigator he just had to explore. Besides everything was going just dandy, until…

Frightened by the black water surrounding him, Seafoam swam upwards as fast as fin and fluke would allow. Higher and higher Seafoam swam without breaking surface, Dongo racing beside him.

“Oh, terrific!” he told Dongo in sonar-speak, “We forgot rule number two: ‘take in a one hour supply of air.’”

Seafoam heard a whale’s sob of distress and sadness-a frightened, unhappy sound. It was a keening sound…and it came from him.

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Dr. John Briley, Author

Doctor Briley, completing his pediatric residency in Boston, moved to Maui with his wife, wintertime having proved dangerous for his handicap (polio, class of ’54). He writes for fun. Too busy as a pediatrician, he shelved all his manuscripts (eight kids’ books in two series: the Seafoam series, and a series about a miniature dragon called Green Flash). Now retired, he took Seafoam off the shelf and hopes kids (and adults) have fun with it. There are two more in the series with more action, zaniness, and fun. And then…enter the dragons.

Angel, Illustrator:

A mural artist as well as a book illustrator, Angel has created five murals in schools, on Maui and one in Thailand. Born on Maui, Angel has been paintings since five years of age, and has her paintings in Lahaina’s art galleries and in the historical Pioneer Inn. You can find her and her artwork at Lahaina Art Society, under the Banyon Tree next to Lahaina Harbor



The adventures of Seafoam the young sperm whale are sure to delight young readers because Seafoam is curious by nature, and when his curiosity gets him into a trouble, he has to use his intelligence and cheerful nature to overcome a very challenging journey.  Like Curious George, he ignores warnings not to get into trouble, and each chapter brings another challenge, which the young whale handles with characteristic bravery and humor. Every adventure is packed with suspense followed by relief when our hero succeeds.

Whether the book is read independently by a child aged 9–12 or read aloud by an adult to a child aged 5–8, Seafoam’s adventures are both exciting and interesting because they draw on Hawaiian folklore and legends, along with interesting whale facts about Sperm whales and Humpback whales. Author John Briley is a well known, retired Maui paediatrician, affectionately known as “Doc Briley”, and “Doc” is treating his grandchildren, young patients and fans to a fast paced and dramatic adventure set in “West Mowee” where menehune, fierce warriors, giant centipedes and deadly whirlpools are only some of the obstacles Seafoam must pass before he can be reunited with the rest of his pod.  Will Seafoam and his Hawaiian “boy-spirit” friend manage to find their way back to the sparkling blue Honokahau Bay?  Read “Seafoam” to find out!

Gill McBarnet, Maui author and illustrator of 12 children’s books, including: “The Whale Who Wanted to be Small”,  “The Wonderful Journey”, “The Goodnight Gecko” and “Gift of Aloha”.